ICP Welcomes 320 Newly Registered Chemists

By Carlos Edward Miguel B. Santos and Clarisse Francesca T. Yeung

This year’s 320 new chemists who passed the recently concluded licensure examination had their oath-taking last October 11 at the Fiesta Pavilion of Manila Hotel. Several companies, such as San Miguel, set up application booths wherein the successful examinees could submit their resumes, jumpstarting their careers in the promising world of chemistry.

Dr. Lilibeth Coo hosted the program, which started off with the entrance of the top examinees that obtained the ten highest scores in the exam. Following them were the officers of the Integrated Chemists of the Philippines (ICP) and the distinguished guest-of-honor, General Liza Sabong, PNP Chief Superintendent and President of the PNP cluster of ICP.

Hon. Adoracion P. Resurrection, chairman of the board of chemistry gave the opening remarks of the event. She was pleased to note that this year’s passing rate of 56.04% was one of the highest passing rates in several years. She also emphasized that those who got the ten highest scores not only came from the usual universities such as UP, ADMU, DLSU and UST but two placers came from Tarlac State University and Technological University of the Philippines- Manila.

After giving her opening remarks, General Sabong gave her speech and opened it by reconnecting with the successful examinees how it felt like studying for months for an exam that seemingly determined their futures. She then carried on talking about how taking the board exams did not simply halt their careers in the field on chemistry. She exemplified such fact when she went on in achieving an admirable position of being the director of the Philippine National Police Crime Laboratory. She emphasized that being a licensed chemist does not only mean holding a card to prove our excellence in chemistry – it serves to remind us of our higher obligation in serving the country and doing our best to uphold righteousness in society.

Following her speech was the long-awaited march of all successful examinees on the stage to shake the hands of Hon. Adoracion P. Resurrection and Hon. Soledad S. Casteñeda and to finally receive the coveted reward of months of arduous studying: the card dictating one to be a “Licensed Chemist”.

Special recognition was given to the University of the Philippines – Manila for garnering an overall passing rate of 92.31% out of the 43 universities whose graduates took the licensure exams.

After officially inducting the successful examinees into the ICP and the oath taking of the incoming ICP officers, the response was delivered by the top notcher of this year’s Chemistry licensure examinations.

Miguel Francisco de Jesus, hailing from the University of the Philippines- Manila, obtained the highest mark with a score of 92.75%. He emphasized that, with chemistry being a very broad and versatile field of science, chemists could affect more lives and apply their knowledge, not only within the confines of a laboratory, but into the economic and industrial mind-set as well.